Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK)

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Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) is a parallel linear algebra package for Heterogeneous Networks of Computers (HNOCs). The package is currently under development. It is being built on top of ScaLAPACK and reuses it completely.

At the moment, it contains the full implementation of Heterogeneous PBLAS (HeteroPBLAS), a component providing parallel basic linear algebra subprograms for HNOCs, and dense linear system solvers (PXGESV). 

Parallel Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (PBLAS) is a parallel set of BLAS, which perform message-passing and whose interface is as similar to BLAS as possible. The design goal of PBLAS was to provide specifications of distributed kernels, which would simplify and encourage the development of high performance and portable parallel numerical software, as well as providing manufacturers with a small set of routines to be optimized. These subprograms were used to develop parallel libraries such as ScaLAPACK, which is a well-known standard package providing high-performance linear algebra routines for distributed-memory message passing MIMD computers supporting PVM and/or MPI. It is built on the top of PBLAS software and thus reuses it completely.

The readers are recommended to go through the installation manual and programmer's reference for more information on the installation procedure, the user interface, and the command-line interface.


1.1.02010-Jun-026.73 MBRecommended for HeteroScaLAPACKThis is currently the recommended release for HeteroScaLAPACK.
1.0.7-BETA2009-Feb-078.68 MBSupported for HeteroScaLAPACKThis release is supported but is not currently the recommended release for HeteroScaLAPACK.