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Hydropad is an astrophysical application that simulates the evolution of clusters of galaxies in the universe. The application has been Grid enabled and works with both GridSolve (http://icl.cs.utk.edu/netsolve/) and SmartGridSolve (http://hcl.ucd.ie/project/SmartGridSolve) which is an extension of GridSolve which aims to achieve higher performance.

Hydropad is a cosmological application, originally written by Claudio Gheller, which sim­ulates the evolution of clusters of galaxies in the universe. The cosmological model that this application is based on has the assumption that the universe is composed of two dif­ferent kinds of matter. The first is baryonic matter, which is directly observed and forms all bright objects. The second is dark matter, which is theorised to account for most of the gravitational mass in the Universe. The evolution of this system can be simulated by examining the mutual interaction between these components which is regulated by a gravitational component.


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