Releases for Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK)

HeteroScaLAPACK 1.1.0

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heteroscalapack-1.1.0.tar.gz 6.73 MB 18f6f3daa9f035068724e269d2c61332
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Last updated: Wed, 02/06/2010 - 11:20
  • This version of HeteroScalaPACK include HeteroMPI-1.3.0 and mpC-4.0 (new version of mpC without dispatcher and tools).
  • The HeteroScaLAPACK programs can be executed just like other MPI programs using the MPI tool 'mpirun' instead of the command line interface. Please refer to the users' manual for information to execute HeteroScaLAPACK applications.

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.7-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.7-BETA.tar.gz 8.68 MB 097b1e3d998e6628fd9a167f1eedb914
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Last updated: Sat, 07/02/2009 - 04:49

The sources are given meaningful names.

All the function calls to the HeteroMPI routines are isolated in the files ending with _hmpi_intf.c.
All the functions used in the performance models are placed in the files ending with _info.c.
All the information functions giving the number of computations and comunications are in the files ending with _info.c.
Each context routine is placed in a separate file ending with _ctxt.c.

The following ScaLAPACK routines are completely implemented and tested for this release.

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.6-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.6-BETA.tar.gz 8.62 MB 83529b8c62562b7fe094fad107fc0150
Downloaded 840 times
Last updated: Wed, 24/12/2008 - 15:22
This version contains tools to determine the optimal block size and a tool to create the Virtual Parallel Machine with the correct scalability number.

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.5-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.5-BETA.tar.gz 8.58 MB ef066b1c4c24624596fa04f55957d4dd
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Last updated: Tue, 02/12/2008 - 18:10

Performance models of the following routines are considerably slimmed down and optimized.
1). {pcgetrf, pdgetrf, psgetrf, pzgetrf}
2). {pcpotrf, pdpotrf, pspotrf, pzpotrf}
3). {pcposv, pdposv, psposv, pzposv}

The benchmark code used to refresh the speeds of the processors now gets the number of nodes and uses it to get the values for the data dimensions to use.

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.4-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.4-BETA.tar.gz 8.51 MB 1c18fb77bf228280e6d4f65fe95122b2
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Last updated: Tue, 30/09/2008 - 09:45

The benchmark code used to estimate the speeds of the processors is corrected. The allocation and deallocation of data in the benchmark code is not timed. Only the computations are timed.

A new function, HMPI_Recon_t, is added to HeteroMPI, which is included in this package. This function calls the benchmark code, which returns the execution time of the core computations in a HeteroScaLAPACK routine.

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.3-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.3-BETA.tar.gz 8.44 MB f108c8921dde64794cba2dbe53d1aa93
Downloaded 799 times
Last updated: Tue, 29/07/2008 - 14:37

1.0.2-BETA broken. The following error occurs during compilation of performance models:
/home/manredd/MPC400/HeteroMPI/MPICH-HeteroMPI-Linux-Installation/bin/hmpicc pm_pdgemm.mpc
<command line>:1:1: warning: "__STDC__" redefined
  20, 26: Information Diagnostics for source file: ../../include/hscalblacsbuff.h
  20, 26: Error       Invalid type in declaration or definition of variable: _hscal_blacs_buffer_
  20, 26: Information    (Struct/union not declared)

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.2-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.2-BETA.tar.gz 8.44 MB cffa124a475161832e550e5c59166231
Downloaded 916 times
Last updated: Thu, 24/07/2008 - 18:09

This release contains performance improvements.
The auxiliary routines (_info functions), especially for heterogeneous ScaLAPACK routines, were incurring large execution times due to expensive Cblacs_gridinit and Cblacs_gridmap calls. They have been optimized.

The evaluation of process arrangements in HMPI_Group_heuristic_pauto_d_create is now done by processors in parallel rather than processes. This is because in some cases all the process arrangements may be allocated to the processes on a single processor leading to performance hit. 


Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.1-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.1-BETA.tar.gz 8.44 MB e092ea19d33c9e3bd7b162f388c4b288
Downloaded 803 times
Last updated: Wed, 23/07/2008 - 14:20

The HeteroMPI group creation function 'HMPI_Group_heuristic_pauto_create' is replaced by 'HMPI_Group_heuristic_pauto_d_create'. This function does not evaluate all the process arrangements but adopts the approach detailed below:
1). It starts with the total number of processes in the communication universe. It determines the possible two dimensional process arrangements. It gets the estimated execution times for al these arrangements.

Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.0-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.0-BETA.tar.gz 8.43 MB 60ce3f24785384cbfc9325fd61fd75bf
Downloaded 952 times
Last updated: Fri, 18/07/2008 - 17:47


  1. Heterogeneous PBLAS routines
  2. Heterogeneous PXGESV routines
  3. Heterogeneous PXGELS routines






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