Performance models of processors in heterogeneous platforms

  • PMM: Performance Model Manager
  • FuPerMod: a software tool for optimal data partitioning of parallel scientific applications on dedicated heterogeneous HPC platforms

Communication performance models of heterogeneous platforms

  • MPIBlib: MPI Benchmark Library
  • CPM: Communication Performance Modeling
  • NT: Network Tomography, a new method of network tomography combining the BitTorrent protocol with modern clustering algorithms to reconstruct the bandwidth-related properties of unknown networks

Heterogeneous algorithms 

  • h-algo: heterogeneous algorithms

Programming tools

  • mpC: High level programming language for heterogeneous parallel computing
  • HeteroMPI: An extension of MPI for high performance heterogeneous computing
  • libELC: A portable library enabling fault tolerance of MPI programs in heterogeneous environments
  • SmartGridSolve: High level programming system for high performance Grid computing
    • NI-Connect: Non-intrusive and incremental evolution of Grid programming systems
    • ADL: Algorithm Definition Language, a new language and compiler that is designed to improve the performance of GridRPC/SmartGridRPC applications.

Mathematical software

  • HeteroScaLAPACK: A Linear Algebra Library for Heterogeneous Networks of Computers
  • HydroPad: a Grid enabled astrophysical application that simulates the evolution of clusters of galaxies in the universe
  • ZZGemmOoc: Efficient out-of-core solvers performing dense Matrix-Matrix multiplication on one or more GPUs.