Presenter Title Files
Alexey Lastovetsky A Performance Model of Many-to-One Collective Communications for Parallel Computing PDSEC07.ppt
Vladimir Rychkov Building the Communication Performance Model of Heterogeneous Clusters Based on a Switched Network HeteroPar'07.ppt
Vladimir Rychkov Optimization of Collective Communications in HeteroMPI EuroPVMMPI-2007.pdf
Vladimir Rychkov MPIBlib: Benchmarking MPI Communications for Parallel Computing on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Clusters presentation.pdf
Vladimir Rychkov A Software Tool for Accurate Estimation of Parameters of Heterogeneous Communication Models presentation.pdf
Alexey Lastovetsky Revisiting communication performance models revisiting.pdf
Kiril Dichev Two algorithms of irregular scatter/gather operations for heterogeneous platforms 2algorithms-eurompi2010.pdf
Kiril Dichev Improvement of the Bandwidth of Cross-Site MPI Communication Using Optical Fiber presentation, poster
Vladimir Rychkov Accurate Communication Performance Models of Heterogeneous Clusters: Estimation and Use Presentation
Kiril Dichev Distributed computing peer-to-peer algorithms for collective communication and network tomography Presentation
Kiril Dichev MPI vs BitTorrent : Switching Between Large-Message Broadcast Algorithms in the Presence of Bottleneck Links Slides
Kiril Dichev Efficient and Reliable Network Tomography in Heterogeneous Networks Using BitTorrent Broadcasts and Clustering Algorithms NetworkTomographyPresentation.pdf
Alexey Lastovetsky Communication Models for Resource Constrained Hierarchical Ethernet Networks slides.pdf