Kiril Dichev

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Personal information

Last known position
Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast

2001-2007 - Diplom-Informatiker degree at the Fakultaet fuer Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik at the University of Stuttgart

Research experience

2007-2009 - research employee at the High Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart.

  • research, development and documentation for EU funded research projects Int.EU.Grid, ParMA, DORII
  • installation and support of libraries and tools on HPC clusters

2010 and 2011: Demonstrator in Unix Programming and Teaching Assistant in Parallel and Cluster Computing at the Computer Science Institute in University College Dublin

2008: Full one-day course in "MPI on the Grid" at GridKA Summer School 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany

2004-2005: Tutor in Theoretical Informatics at the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart

  • November-December 2008: 6 week research grant with HPC-Europe++ ( ) in Trieste with CINECA and OGS (Trieste)
  • November 2011: Student Volunteer at SC'11
  • November 2012: Student Volunteer at SC'12

History at the Laboratory

2014, Performance-Driven Methods and Tools for Optimization of Collective Communication on Complex Networks
PhD student
2010-2013, SFI

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