Peng Zhao

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Zhao, P., and A. Lastovetsky, "Event Logging: Portable and Efficient Checkpointing in Heterogeneous Environments with Non-FIFO Communication Platforms", Proceedings of the 19th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2005), Denver, Colorado, USA, IEEE Computer Society, 04-08 April 2005.  Download: IPDPS_checkpointing_2005.pdf (208.71 KB)
Zhao, P., "libELC - A Portable Library Enabling Fault Tolerance of MPI Programs in Heterogeneous Environments", Department of Computer Sciences, University College Dublin, Dublin, University College Dublin, pp. 149, 01/2005.  Download: libELC_thesis_2005.pdf (2.17 MB)