Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK (HeteroScaLAPACK) 1.0.3-BETA

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heteroscalapack-1.0.3-BETA.tar.gz 8.44 MB f108c8921dde64794cba2dbe53d1aa93
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Last updated: Tue, 29/07/2008 - 14:37

1.0.2-BETA broken. The following error occurs during compilation of performance models:
/home/manredd/MPC400/HeteroMPI/MPICH-HeteroMPI-Linux-Installation/bin/hmpicc pm_pdgemm.mpc
<command line>:1:1: warning: "__STDC__" redefined
  20, 26: Information Diagnostics for source file: ../../include/hscalblacsbuff.h
  20, 26: Error       Invalid type in declaration or definition of variable: _hscal_blacs_buffer_
  20, 26: Information    (Struct/union not declared)
18358,2522: Information Diagnostics for source file: pm_pdgemm.mpc
18358,2522: Warning     Can't use this predicate for semantic checks; more errors possible
make: *** [pm_pdgemm.o] Error 1