Wang Sibo

Personal information

Last known position
Fudan University, Shanghai, China

2007–Present B.S. in Software Engineering, Fudan University, China.

2007–Present Honour B.S. in Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Research experience

2009.4-2010.3 Research Assistant, Parallel Process Institution:compile group, Fudan University,
China, Supervised by Binyu Zang.
-participated in the research project of harmony JVM optimization, my work: tuning and
regression tests.

2010.07-2010.09 Research Intern, Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory, UCD, Ireland, Supervised
by Alexey Lastovetsky.
-participated in the CPM project, my work: extended the software to support heterogeneous
PLogP and LogGP model, and implemented the PLogP- and LogGP-based collective operations
-Wrote a technical report about the work in internship
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2009.09-2010.1 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Discrete Mathematics course, Fudan
University, China.
2010.09-2011.1 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Object Oriented Programming course,
Fudan University, China.

History at the Laboratory

Intern student
July-September 2010. UCD, Chinese government

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