Tania Malik

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Lecturer, School of Informatics and Cybersecurity, TU Dublin
Dr Tania Malik received a PhD degree from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2017 on the prestigious Irish Research Council, Enterprise Partnership Scheme award (IRC-EPS). Her professional interest lies in the realm of research and teaching. Her research interests include High-Performance Heterogeneous Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Performance Optimization, Energy-Efficient Computing, High-Performance Big data Analytics and HPC for Machine Learning.
Research experience
Her professional career is a good mix of teaching, research and development and industry experience. She had the opportunity to work in leading Irish and international higher education institutions including UCD, DCU, NCI Dublin, COMSATS and NUST Pakistan. Also, she has been actively involved in industry collaborations and worked with leading Tech. Industry partners - Fidelity, IBM, Whizz Systems USA, PSEB, PYB. She also won research fundings from Irish Research Council (IRC), Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), European Cooperation in Science and Technology (e-Cost) and many others.
She is currently lecturing at the School of Informatics and Cybersecurity, TU Dublin. Being an academic, her role not only involves quality teaching but also research, industry collaborations and effective student engagement.
Dr Tania is also an active member of Women in Technology and Science IRELAND (WITS), Women in High-Performance Computing (WHPC), Women Leaders in Higher Education (WLHE), Women in Technology United (WITU) and Women@CompSci group UCD.

History at the Laboratory

Postdoctoral researcher
2018-2022, SFI
PhD student
2013-2017, SFI

Contact information

+353 1 220 8444

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