Scalable Dense Factorizations for Heterogeneous Computational Clusters

TitleScalable Dense Factorizations for Heterogeneous Computational Clusters
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsReddy, R., A. Lastovetsky, and P. Alonso
Conference Name7th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing
Conference LocationKrakow, Poland
Conference DateJul 1-5, 2008
ISBN Number978-0-7695-3472-5

This paper discusses the design and the implementation of the LU factorization routines included in the Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK library, which is built on top of ScaLAPACK. These routines are used in the factorization and solution of a dense system of linear equations. They are implemented using optimized PBLAS, BLACS and BLAS libraries for heterogeneous computational clusters. We present the details of the implementation as well asperformance results on a heterogeneous computingcluster.

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