Column-Based Matrix Partitioning for Parallel Matrix Multiplication on Heterogeneous Processors Based on Functional Performance Models

In this paper we present a new data partitioning algorithm
to improve the performance of parallel matrix multiplication of dense
square matrices on heterogeneous clusters. Existing algorithms either use
single speed performance models which are too simplistic or they do not
attempt to minimise the total volume of communication. The Functional
performance model (FPM) is more realistic then single speed models be-
cause it integrates many important features of heterogeneous processors
such as the processor heterogeneity, the heterogeneity of memory struc-
ture, and the effects of paging. To load balance the computations the
new algorithm uses FPMs to compute the area of the rectangle that is
assigned to each processor. The total volume of communication is then
minimised by choosing a shape and ordering so that the sum of the half-
perimeters is minimised. Experimental results demonstrate that this new
algorithm can reduce the total execution time of parallel matrix multi-
plication in comparison to existing algorithms.

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