The 15th European PVM/MPI Users’ Group conference

Dublin, Ireland
7 Sep 2008 - 10 Sep 2008

The 15th Euro PVM/MPI 2008 conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland. The European PVM/MPI Users’ Group conference is a forum for the users and developers of PVM, MPI, and other message-passing programming environments. They will have the opportunity to meet each other, share ideas and experiences, and meet members of the PVM and MPI teams. The main topics of the meeting will be:

  • Algorithms using the message-passing paradigm
  • Applications in science and engineering (based on message-passing)
  • Latest extensions and improvements to PVM and MPI
  • PVM/MPI in clusters and grid environments
  • Performance evaluation of PVM and MPI
  • Tools and environments for PVM and MPI
  • PVM/MPI implementation issues and extensions
  • Novel message-passing paradigms for grids and P2P 

Organized by the UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics