Grid-Enabled Hydropad: a Scientific Application for Benchmarking GridRPC-Based Programming Systems

TitleGrid-Enabled Hydropad: a Scientific Application for Benchmarking GridRPC-Based Programming Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGuidolin, M., and A. Lastovetsky
Conference NameThe 23rd IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium
Conference LocationRome, Italy
Conference DateMay 25 - 29
KeywordsHydropad, SmartGridSolve

GridRPC is a standard API that allows an application to easily interface with a Grid environment. It implements a remote procedure call with a single task map and client-server communication model. In addition to non-performance-related benefits, scientific applications having large computation and small communication tasks can also obtain important performance gains by being implemented in GridPRC. However, such convenient applications are not representative of the majority of scientific applications and therefore cannot serve as fair benchmarks for comparison of the performance of different GridRPC-based systems. In this paper, we present Hydropad, a real life astrophysical simulation, which is composed of tasks that have a balanced ratio between computation and communication. While Hydropad is not the ideal application for performance benefits from its implementation with GridRPC middleware, we show how even its performance can be improved by using GridSolve and SmartGridSolve. We believe that the Grid-enabled Hydropad is a good candidate application to benchmark GridRPC-based programming systems in order to justify their use for high performance scientific computing.

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