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  • Subversion clients work with .svn directories - don't remove them.
  • Mind the version of the client (currently, 1.5, 1.6).


To submit

  • Software sources: models, code, resource files
  • Documentation sources: texts, diagrams, data
  • Configuration files
  • Test sourses: code, input data

Not to submit

  • Binaries: object files, libraries, executables
  • Built documentation: html, pdf
  • Personal settings: Eclipse projects, ...
  • Test output

Subversion for Users

A good cross platform client: RapidSVN, combined with Meld a visual diff and merge tool.

RapidSVN, Gforge & passwords

Problem: RapidSVN doesn't directly support svn over ssh and so doesn't remember ssh passwords. And appares not to support passwordless authentication with publickey. There was a bug in the cron job that updated the keys.

Solution:   ssh

  chmod 700 .ssh

And add your key (.ssh/ to

(and wait for cron job to add it, or do it manually)

Solution: Use sshpass to remember password.

Note: this method involves having your gforge password in plain text, and so is a potential security risk - it should be different to other passwords etc.

Install sshpass >=1.05 (note ubuntu 11.10 usese version 1.04 which just hangs - so install from sources or Ubuntu 12.4)

edit ~/.subversion/config, in [tunnels] section add the line:

gforge = sshpass -f{path to file holding password} ssh -o PubkeyAuthentication=no -o ControlMaster=no 

Then check out with:

svn checkout svn+gforge://<user> fupermod 

(where previously it was: svn checkout svn+ssh)

To change an existing working copy

svn switch --relocate svn+ssh://<user><old url> svn+gforge://<user><new url>