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Installation from packages

  • Install a development package *-dev, which includes header files and static libraries. Base packages will be installed automatically
  • Headers and libraries can be found in standard paths, which are searched by compilers by default

Manual installation

  • Download a package or export/checkout a repository to $HOME/src/DIR
  • Configure
./configure --prefix=$HOME

If there are alternatives for the third-party software or if the third-party software may be built with alternative middleware (for example, MPI: LAM, Open MPI, MPICH-1, MPICH-2), configure to a subfolder to avoid overwriting

./configure --prefix=$HOME/SUBDIR

The packages you are developing and testing should also be in subfolders to avoid mismatch during building (see the compile-time environment below) or you need to do make uninstall before building the new version of your code.

  • Build and install
make all install
  • Update Linux run-time environment